Composite Decking

Beautiful, hard-wearing, minimal maintenance and a natural warm look are what defines composite decks.
Whether it is residential or commercial property, our composite decking installation fits in perfectly. We know that wood gives a natural look; however, installing a composite deck means durability.
Besides, our proprietary composite deck has been designed to have the look of natural hardwood.
Beyond beautiful staircases, verandas or BBQ areas, composite decking has the following benefits:

  • Superior durability: composite decks can withstand heavy traffic and still look as if they are new. They won’t fade, stain, scratch, or encourage the growth of mould.
  • Safe and comfortable for pets and children: since they are splinter/slip or crack-resistant, smooth and soft, children find surfaces to be friendly
  • Sustainability: with composite decks, you get the natural look and feel of wood without cutting down trees.
  • Lasting Beauty: composite decks have enduring looks thanks to the smart designing and quality material. They are visually pleasing because a deck builder can design them to resemble traditional or exotic timber.

For these reasons, composite decks are becoming popular, despite being pricy. Edinburgh Decking Co offer you all decking services, including composite deck installation.
Once you install composite decks, they require minimal maintenance – just wipe with soap and rinse thoroughly.

Millboard decks – Wood-free composite decks
Millboard decks are Wood-free composite decks that have a resilient surface that makes them anti-slip even when wet.

The decks are designed from unique polyurethane resin blend, but they are hand-coloured to give a truly natural look. So, they are as beautiful as hardwood decks but with superior qualities.
Besides, it is highly resistant to UV light, and our deck designers ensured that the composite deck could withstand daily abuses from both humans and weather elements.

Millboard decks are non-porous, and therefore, it will resist moisture, which means it won’t stain or grow mould or algae. Besides, it won’t splinter on your delicate feet or paws of your pets.

Designs, Colour, and Construction

Designing a composite deck isn’t difficult for our deck builders because they have a perfect combination of knowledge and experience. Besides, we offer a full range of decking services. When you entrust a decking project to us, we will return a new environment to you.

If you are stuck with a design, we can advise you accordingly based. This way, you get a style and colour that suits your surroundings and budget.

We believe in uniqueness, so we don’t encourage duplicate projects—check out our gallery for ideas. Mark you; we regularly update our gallery to meet our customer’s needs.

Reach out to our experienced deck builder for advice, information, or quotation.

Why Choose Edinburgh Decking Co?

  • Our carpenters have expertise in the selection and installation of the right composite materials that are in line with your expectations and desires
  • We provide high-quality services tailored to meet your styles and budgets.
  • We use the most eco-friendly decking, such as timber and bamboo.

At Edinburgh Decking Co, we are committed to installing durable, affordable, and sustainable decks with a 10-25 year guarantee.

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