Timber Decking

At Edinburgh Decking Co, we design, supply and fit both hardwood and softwood decking boards. We install timber decking on gardens, terraces, and rooftops, depending on your taste and preferences.
Every deck builder in our company has the right experience to tackle a wide range of decking installation. We select the right timber-based on your budget, surrounding, preference, and climate.
Our timber decks are manufactured from the finest varieties of hardwood and softwood species. We understand that each customer has unique specifications, so we tailor each timber deck to meet these specific needs.

Simply put, the Edinburgh Decking Company’s decking installation department ensures that you get the right appearance and properties of the finished structure. Keep in mind, it is only pros that handle all decking services.

Did you know that timber decks give outdoor structures a natural rustic look? You can’t achieve that look with metal or composite decks.

Besides, timber decking installation is the easiest way to expand the available living space as well as create an outdoor area such as BBQ areas, verandas, dining spaces, and patios.

Softwood Deck
Softwood decking is the cheapest way to add an appealing look as well as add value to your home. At Edinburgh Decking Co, we only use certified, selected grade and preservative pre-treated softwood timber.
We use Tanalith E Extra formulation, as it confers water repellent properties to these softwood timbers.
We take advantage of the knots in the woods to create visually appealing designs. We aim to ensure you get a deck that will stun.
Typically, softwood decks are a great option if you have a play area, or you are creating a family deck.
You can choose from an array of contemporary smooth decks or grooved versions. The designs of these decks are compatible with Q-Grip Strips that allows our deck builder to incorporate slip-resistant inserts during decking installation.

Additionally, we have different tones; therefore, don’t worry about matching your surroundings. Ideally, all our softwood decking boards have a warm yellow hue.
We trust our softwood decks to last beyond 15 years when you treat them every year. However, do not install the in shady or wet areas.

Hardwood decks
Edinburgh Decking Co specialises in the finest hardwood timber – ipe, Balau, Iroko, and Garapa.
Hardwood decking is naturally resistant to mould and moisture, which enhances their strength and durability. So they will last longer, and you will not need as much maintenances as you would need for softwood decking.

Now, if you want to offer to give your outdoors vibrant natural colouring, choose hardwood decking installation should be your choice. Alternatively you can opt for composite decking which does come more at a premium but will last you a lot longer!

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